Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Mother's Craft" by: Kevin Hobson

STORY: The story is about a young witch named Susan who cannot wait to get a gift from her mom. When her mom comes home, she gives Susan a gift that turns out to be a plunger. Susan rejects her mother's gift and starts to cry. Her mom, always wise, attaches the plunger to the window, placing Susan on it so she gets comfortable with being able to balance her own weight. After seeing her daughter's successful efforts, Susan's mom rewards her daughter by transforming the plunger into a broom. Together the mother and daughter fly off on their own brooms.


: I want my animation style to be limited as in the Hannah Barbera Cartoons. The character's movements will be lively and not have the robotic movements as seen in characters of the Fletcher Brothers cartoons. My film will emphasize unique characters with an unpredictable storyline.

: I enjoy films that involve a relationship where there's comedy. I like having characters react to each other when a misunderstanding occurs. Additionally, I find films interesting that have unpredictable endings like Small Blue Tick. I am very interested in doing a story that explores the bond between a mother and a daughter and the struggles that can occur with that relationship.

Art Direction
: For the art direction of the film I will have a variety of colored panels, where the characters are done with vibrant colors and the backgrounds are beautifully done with those that compliment the main characters of the film. For the degree of camera involvement, I want to have a variety of camera angles that give the film interest. I would like to have shots where the camera follows the main action in each scene. A good example would be camera angles as seen in The Powerfpuff Girls. The skills that I plan on showcasing for this project include having a good sense of timing and having a variety of camera angles that give the film interest. A good example I want to follow is the timing and camera angles found in Small Blue Tick that added to the buildup of the tension in the film when the blue tick gets caught by the lizard. The technical direction for my film I plan on using 2-D animation. I'm interested in designing the film with Animate Pro and Flash. I will use Photoshop for my model sheets and background scenes.


1. LS Track in aerial view of cottage. Dissolves to:
2. MLS Cottage
Mother enters camera left flying towards cottage on broomstick.
3. MS Interior Cottage
Susan, waits by the window and hears the front door creak open and exited runs towards it.
4. MS Door Opening
Susan's mom enters the room with a big wrapped present in her arms. Susan excitedly runs
up to her mom.
5. MCS Susan
Susan snatches the gift out of her mom's hands.
6. LCS Susan
Susan smiles happily while holding her present.
7. HCS Susan's Mom
Her mom watches proudly as her daughter tears away the wrapping paper.
8 HDS Inside of present
Susan lifts up the lid of the box and her expression becomes bewildered.
9. MCS Susan
Susan pulls out of the box the plunger and stares at it blankly as if she is in shock.
10.HCS Susan's mom
Her mom, with eyes closed, waits for Susan's response and opens them in puzzlement when
the plunger gets tossed her way.
11. LCU Susan on the floor
Susan is sitting with her arms wrapped around her legs and starts to cry.
12. MCS Susan
Not noticing her mom passing by, Susan continues to cry until she hears a suction-sound
coming from behind her.
13. Two-Shot MS End of the interior room of the cottage, mom and Susan
Susan walks up to her mom who is next to the plunger on the window, and her mom picks up
Susan, effortlessly placing her on the plunger.
14. HCS Susan on plunger
Susan begins to lose her balance.
15. HCS Susan's mom
Her mom looks down at Susan with a nervous expression on her face.
16. MS Susan on plunger
Susan almost slips off the stick of the plunger, but manages to regain her balance.
17. MCS Susan's mom
Susan's mom gives her a confident look
18. LS Susan on plunger
Susan continues to stay on the plunger better by firmly gripping the stick with her fingers and nods at her mother.
19. HCS Susan's mom
Her mom contently looks down at her daughter with her arms folded and nods at her
daughter who has gotten off the plunger and removed it from the window.
20. LCS Susan on the ground
Susan happily holds the plunger and looks up at her mom
21. HCS Susan's mom
Susan's mom puts her arms up in the air and casts a spell
22. HLS track in on Susan's face Dissolves to:
Susan stares up at her mom and then her expression becomes a look of cheerful bliss as she
sees that her plunger has turned into a broom.
23. LS Night Sky of the Moon
Together, the two witches, mother and daughter, fly off into the sky, each on their ow brooms

I. Proposal 2 weeks
II. Story 2 weeks
III. Script 3 weeks
IV. Meet with Sound Designer 1 day
V. Storyboard and Reel 1 week
VI. Rough Designs and Layouts 1 week
VII. Art Direction 1 week
VIII. Get Sound Clips 2 weeks
IX. Synchronize Sound 1 day
X. Edit Project for Final Pitch 1 week
XI. Project Clean Up 1 month
XII. Animation 3 months

Character Sheets-

Scene Design-